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Nerineacea / Jurassic-Cretaceous / Worldwide

Hannes Löser
Estación Regional del Noroeste, Instituto de Geología, UNAM, Hermosillo, Sonora, México 83000

What ?

Why ?

Nerineids with their ecological distribution ranges are predestinated to be compared to coral and rudist distribution. Often they share the same localities.
Nerineids are so far not revised and the lack of a good database is obvious. A more accurate stratigraphic distribution can be achieved since I had got (when I started) already a large, well maintained database of more than 4,000 Cretaceous localities, most of them with updated stratigraphic data.
What I really like in Nerineids is, that also fragments (as in corals) may serve for determination. Complete, nicely preserved specimens are rare, as in all groups of Cretaceous macro fossils.
Moreover, Nerineids with their "digitizable" morphology can easily be databased: sectioned specimens can be scanned, numerical data can be investigated with methods of numerical taxonomy and multivariate statistics ... hardly done before.

Reasons to build up a database:


[October, 10, 2011]