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Frequently Asked Questions

This F.A.Q. should help you to solve problems and answer question which usually occur when working with PaleoTax. The F.A.Q. in English was installed with version 2.1, therefore you may not find many entries which deal with version 2.0. The list is kept up to date and questions send to the author will be answered here.
Do not hesitate to send your comments and questions to the author; they are welcome since they help to remove errors and improve the program.

See this F.A.Q. sorted according to the date.

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When freshly installed, no empty structures are seen in the application box.

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General questions

I have the feeling that it is very difficult to work with PaleoTax.

It is easy to provide a multiple access to the DB over a LAN. Is it somehow possible to ensure "view only" rights for some users?
    HDB2Win does not support record locking, so various users cannot work at the same time with one and the same database. It is possible to grant only view rights. See the manual 2.1, page 136 (command OPEN). The appropriate mode must be set in the concerned PTX file.
    A normal OPEN command in the PTX file looks like
    open	occurr,7
    Bit 1, 2, and 3 are set. To make the table occurr (and all subsequent table which occurr may open) read only, bit 6 need to be set:
    open	occurr,39

Do you offer any courses ?
    Per default, no courses are offered. Perhaps on invitation, if there is time. Workshops were offered in 2009 and also used. A course was held in February 2015 in Hermosillo, another in San Luis Potosi in June 2017.

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Installation/Migration/Data import

It is explained in the manual how to import literature. But how can I import data obtained from a printed Fossilium Catalogus, scanned and treated with an OCR program ?

I get an error message when importing literature data with IMP_REF1 (from SR7 on).
    It is very important that the source file has no line breaks. Some text processors (I do not tell which ones ...) do not produce clean text files. Long lines (as the title) are often subdivided in various lines. The program cannot understand this and will report and/or cause errors.

Any problems running Hdb2Win in a Virtual Box under Mac OS?
    Generally not. Hdb2Win can be installed in any Windows Virtual Box. Large databases with large files often cause problems reading large blocks of files from Shared Folders which are on the Mac OS partition. For version 2.3.2. please deactivate for the moment the internal cache (Paleotax/Options/Tools/Extended Options/File/[88]). For version 2.4 activate the internal cache. If problems continue limit the size of the internal cache for each table (Paleotax/Options/Tools/Extended Options/File/[110]). A good value is 8 MB. Not doing so, may show empty tables and finally result in severe loss of data.

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Screen / Display

The "font 0" becomes default for all other font numbers regardless of specific settings reflected in HDB2WIN.DAT. Likewise, a change of the font number in a table's font field does not lead to any changes.

I have changed my monitor. The new one has a higher resolution and therefore the font in the masks is very small. Have I to modify the font files ?
    No. Choose PaleoTax/Options and increase the value 'Adapt character size' in small steps.

When I try to show a colour image file with CMYK colour table, the image looks strange or Hdb2Win displays an error message.
    This is related to the used compiler version which cannot handle CMYK files. Try RGB files.

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Data search and output

The folder "pictures" is not created under the "html" folder. I just created it manually within the "html" folder, and copied the picture files in this newly created folder. Is that OK?

In the Internet cataloge created by PaleoTax, the name of the author below is "nn" instead of my name. The program is properly registered and the hdb2win.dat file has the correct name info.
    Titles, subtitles, creator etc. of the Internet catalogue are kept in the file HTML_DEF.PRF. So, start Hdb2Win, choose Interpreter, search the file HTML_DEF.PRF, change the texts and save the file. You may check the file concistency clicking on Compile.

Creating the Internet catalogue I get an error message (version IC204&LIB25).
    There is a conceptual problem with index files which can only be solved with a new program release. Meanwhile download version IC204&LIB25C and copy it in your data directory. Should be resolved with SR13.

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Data structure and philosophy

Will the concept of "nomen protectum" as introduced in IRZN Article 23.9 (Reversal of precedence) find any expression in the structure of the data base ?

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Service Releases

With SR7 a new folder \#PALTAX was installed. What is about the folder \STRUKTUR ?

What is about all this SR1, SR2 etc. folders ?
    They can be deleted if the concerned Services Releases are successful installed. Do not delete the folder of the last installed SR.

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It does not work ...

I have got the feeling that I made some mistakes changing the configuration of PaleoTax. How may I return to the original state ?

What indicate "der index der liste uberschreitet das maximum" ?
    That's an inoffensive error message which can be ignored. To help to avoid it futurely, please report to the author the exact position ("I try to edit a publication"; "browsing specimens"; "editing field list").

I cannot use "Analysis" since I get the error message "No classes are recorded".
    When the analysis is started the first time, PaleoTax tries to register the library cfx32.ocx. This may fail if you have no Administrator rights or for any compatibility problems. Try to register the library manually (see PaleoTax Manual 2.1, page 41): In Windows : Start, then
    regsvr32 cfx32.ocx
    (take care for messages). The file cfx32.ocx must be present in \windows\system32! Normally it will be installed by the installation routine of PaleoTax. If it doesn't work in no way, you can carry out estimations, but without seeing the graphs of the results (the results are anyway stored in *.DAT files and can be visualized in any spread sheet program). In that case, close Hdb2win, and edit the file hdb2win.dat. Change the value InitAnalysis from 0 to 1. Location of Hdb2Win.dat is \Documents and Settings\[name of the user]\Application data\Hdb2Win\ (Windows XP) or C:\Users\[name of the user]\AppData\Roaming\Hdb2Win\ (Windows from version 7 on).

The following message appeares in CITATION: Unbekanntes Datenfeld [CITLASTSOURCE @ line 253 in CITATION.FRM].
    CITLASTSOURCE is a symbol which is created when a database is opened via PaleoTax. If you try to work with the command line version, the symbol is not created and you get this message. It is not serious.

When I try to edit a genus I get the message "Connect-Datei muss geoeffnet sein [...\GENSYN.DBF @ line 296 in GENERA.FRM]".
    Any table ('pictures of reords', 'reference of records') is not opened and when the program tries to create the appropriate buttons, it failes since the tables are not opened. In this case the program failed to create the "Junior synonym of..." button.
    Open the database with PaleoTax !

When starting the Internet Catalogue program, I receive the error:
File/line = MLIB21.PRF @1065
Compiler = Maxline reached
Error = 7

    The number of maximum program lines are limited. Since the programs are larger in new versions, this value has to be modified

    • Start HDB2WIN
    • Choose Paleotax
    • Options
    • Tools
    • Extended options
    • (Switch to the Interpreter file card)
    • Change the data field "[56] Maximum number of lines " to 4000
    • [Save button]

Editing certain records I get an error message "Angefordeter Datensatz uebersteigt Dateilaenge oder ist <= 0".
    The database was not correctly closed which resulted in data inconsistency. Open your database, choose Reorganization, deactivate all options except "Repair after system crash or power down". In a second step activate only the first four options and start again.

When I try to make a backup copy of the database, an error "7 1 5 0 Buffer overrun" is generated.
    Close the database. Go to Options / Tools / Extended Options / Application. Increase the value of [22] PaleoTax: Maximum archive size. If this does no work, you probably try to compress an already compressed file. This could be another archive or any JPG or PNG files. The backup copy is not designed for this cases.

I was ordered by the program to register. I sent my registration data and have received a registration code but it does not work.
    Are you working with the newest release of the program? Registration data are "per default" generated for the current published version. If you are working with an older version, you should mention the version number.

I created my own database, but after having selected the PTX file nothing happens, I am not asked for the real name.
    This is an error in version that was later removed. Please take care that the extension of the PTX file is in capitals (base.PTX not base.ptx).

When opening the a database, all buttons are disabled, I cannot even append new items.
    This may happen if in new and non-standard database no service release is indicated. Just put the line
    mov sr,0

    in the corresponding PTX file.

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Heavy error (cannot open database)

When restoring a backup copy from a CD I get the error "3/7070101". Any idea ?

I restored a database from a backup succesfully but when trying to open the database, the programs says "Cannot open file.".
    You probably restored the database in the program folder (C:\Programs\Hdb2Win). This is not allowed anymore from Windows 7 on. You should restore the backup in your personal document folder. Be sure the rename the name of the data folder to its original name, otherwise images and references appear to be lost. Once restored to the program folder you can also just move the whole folder into your document folder. In newer program version, there is anyway a Hdb2Win folder within the document folder.

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