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Hdb2Win Version 2.4

Advice for users of release 2.3.2

The following release 2.4 of the program includes also the files you need to update to SR13 (PaleoTax) / SR5 (PalCol).

  • make first backup copies,
  • install then Hdb2Win/PaleoTax 2.4 (do not open the database), and
  • install finally SR13 / SR5.
Release and Components

Hdb2Win 2.4 is released in one executable archive. Installation should work without problems under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7/8.

The archive contains the following components

  • Hdb2Win System - Basic files for new installation and update. Required for all users.
  • PaleoTax Database Structure SR 13 - PaleoTax data base structure for new installation and update. Only for PaleoTax [Taxonomic data base] users required.
  • PalCol Database Structure SR 5 - PalCol data base structure for new installation and update. Only for PalCol [Collection data base] users required.
  • PaleoTax / Graph - PaleoTax graphic package for new installation and update (Version 2.1 May 2015). Only required for PaleoTax users who estimate their database.
  • PaleoTax / Map - Map program package new version and update (Version 2.1 May 2015). Only required for PaleoTax users who would like to plot localities, genera and species.
  • PaleoTax / Measure - Measure tool is not anymore included here. User who would like to work with PaleoTax/Measure, please go directly to PaleoTax/Measure and download a much smaller archive.
How to install the software

  • Download the archive.
  • Start this executable archive.
  • Install the required moduls.
  • User who install HDB2WIN for the first time, do not need to execute any Service Release.
    User, who have installed an older version before, need to update their data structure: .../[user]/documents/HDB2WIN/PTX_SR13/SR13.PRF (for PaleoTax) /HDB2WIN/PCL_SR5/SR5 (for PalCol).

Hdb2Win (3 May 2015) hdb24033.exe (3.2 MB)

Symantec Norton Antivirus erroneously regards hdb24033.exe a dangerous file which is related with "WS.Reputation.1". This trouble often happens to new executable files with a few users, and the downloaded file is automatically deleted by Norton.


Documentation on Hdb2Win 2.4, PaleoTax SR13, PaleoTax/Measure can be downloaded here.
For PaleoTax 2.0 a German Handbuch, for PaleoTax 2.1 a manual in the English language is available. Please check also the list of extra documentation as PDF files.

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