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PaleoTax / Measure

PaleoTax / Measure is an external tool to measure fossils (or what ever) which are available in two dimensions (in cuts, slabs, thin sections). The object must be available as a JPG, GIF or BMP file.

The image is loaded as an background picture and the user may mark points, polygons, and lines (and may count objects). Data are separately stored in a text file, can be reloaded and modified. Both vector data and the bitmap can be exported as WMF, JPG or BMP file, or as text. Two point lines, polygones and countings can be statistically evaluated and exported as text files.

Users may create their own names for the different types of measurements and assign properties (such as a colour, line thickness etc.).


  • The programme was first released in January 2010.
  • An improved version was released in May 2011.
  • June, 20, 2011 version was published where some errors are removed (I am grateful to an alert user).
  • September, 18, 2011 version was published. A previously installed version should be un-installed first. Datatypes and options are not touched by de-installation und re-installation. The documentation was updated.
  • February, 1, 2013 version was published. It provides new data types (polygons, counting) and improved presentation.
  • November, 1, 2013 version was published.
  • May, 1, 2017 version was published.
  • March, 1, 2018 version was published.
  • May, 1, 2020 version was published.
  • May, 1, 2022 a new version was published. It is not required to deinstall an older version. This version runs also in the Spanish language.

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PDF Documentation 1.6 (4MB) in German

Version 1.6.

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Updated : 04-03-2022.