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What is new in Hdb2Win/PaleoTax 2.5 ?

  • There is a closer relationship between the database system and the graphic library PaleoTax/Graph. Graphs can be create directly from the Interpreter. The data analysis is not available anymore because of compatibility reasons. Data analysis is available as programmes with PaleoTax SR 17 (Hdb2Win 2.5.1).
  • Data acquisition forms may have a head line that shows which tables were passed through editing ("bread crumb"). Alternative data acquisition forms can be load during runtime.
  • The application library Oliva was substancially improved in SR2 to SR4. An import of data from text files are possible. The application libraries PaleoTax and PalCol experienced only few modifications.
  • There are several new manuals, such as on the options and the format of data acquisition form files. Most other manuals were updated. Available PDF files can be also seen in Hdb2Win > Application library > Options > Links to help files.
  • PaleoTax/Graph is substancially improved and comes with an updated manual.

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