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In the list below you will find available information about the database system, additional programs and the applications. Since the application PaleoTax was for many years the only one, you will find in the comprehensive manuals much information about the database system itself (see below, application PaleoTax). Both manuals (in English and German) are older but the principal function of the database system has not much altered since that.
You may order paper versions of both manuals (English and German) for 6€ each including postage and handling. The PDFs (see below) are free.

Extra manuals as PDF files

Please note that there are manuals on various subjects

Manuals on the database system Hdb2Win
Version 2.2.0 info220.pdf (230 KB; in English) December 2005
Version 2.2.1 info221.pdf (380 KB; in English) October 2006
Version 2.2.2 info222.pdf (42 KB; in English) January 2008
Version 2.3 info23.pdf (110 KB; in English) January 2009
Version 2.3.1 info231.pdf (60 KB; in English) February 2010
Version 2.3.2 info232.pdf (150 KB; in English) May 2011
Version 2.4.0 info240.pdf (75 KB; in English) May 2015
Version 2.4.1 info241.pdf (110 KB; in English) May 2018
Version 2.4.2 info242.pdf (110 KB; in English) May 2020
Version 2.5.0 info250.pdf (30 KB; in English) May 2021

Manual for the Interpreter
Version 2.1 ip-21.pdf (210 KB; in English) May 2021

Manual for the data acquisition forms
Version 1 forms-1.pdf (310 KB; in English) May 2021

Manual for the options
Version 1 options-1.pdf (65 KB; bilingual) May 2021

Creation of own applications
Version 1.1 cb-11.pdf (1 MB; in English) May 2018
With examples files in ZIP file (100 KB).

Manuals on other programmes
PaleoTax/Map Version 2.2.1 PMap-221.pdf (85 KB; in English) May 2021
PaleoTax/Graph Version 2.3 PGraph-23.pdf (1 MB; in English) May 2021
PaleoTax/Measure Version 1.6 PM16d.pdf (4 MB MB; in German) March 2018
Version 1.7 PM17.pdf (3 MB; in English) May 2020

Manuals on application libraries
PaleoTax SR1 paleotaxsr1.pdf (5.6 MB; in German) 2000
PaleoTax SR5 paleotaxsr5.pdf (2.8 MB; in English) 2004
PalCol SR8 palcol-8.pdf (1 MB; in German) May 2021
Oliva SR2 oliva-2.pdf (2.2 MB; in English)
oliva-2m.pdf with marked changes
May 2021

Installation of Service Releases
sr.pdf (40 KB; in German and English) May 2021

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