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Users and applications

The following users have reported working with PaleoTax 2.x :

User Content Since
Margarita Chistykova
Rodentia Nov 2005
Eugeny Karasev
Plants (Ginkgoopsida/Peltaspermales) / Permian-Triassic / Russian Platform Nov 2006
Bernard Lathuilière
Coelenterata: Scleractinia / Jurassic / Worldwide 05/2009
Hannes Löser
Coelenterata: Scleractinia and Octocorallia / Fossil / Worldwide ever since
Hannes Löser
Orbitolinidae / Cretaceous / Worldwide (with database in the Internet) Oct 2002
Hannes Löser
Nerineacea / Jurassic-Cretaceous / Worldwide Oct 2003
Eduardo Sadier
Testudines Apr 2005
Mohamed Sayed Shaban
Molluscs / Cretaceous - Paleocene Mar 2005
Thomas Steuber
Mollusca: Hippuritacea (Rudists) / Cretaceous / Worldwide (with database in the Internet) ?1997
Noritoshi Suzuki
Radiolarians / All Ages / Middle to higher latitudes Apr 2002
Alexey S.Tesakov
Rodentia (Mammalia) / Neogene / Eurasia (with database in the Internet) May 2002

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