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What is new in PaleoTax 2.1 ?

There are practically no great changes in the program, only improvements or extensions (for exam-ple the data anlysis or the TreeView for registered users). To assign more than one illustration to genera, species, etc., the concept was completely changed. References, graph files and documents (PDF, DOC, RTF) can now be assigned to any record in any table. Graph files that were previously attached to records of the tables GENERA, SPECIES, and SPECIMENS are automatically transferred by SR5. There are practically no modifications in the data structure, except for some new tables in higher taxonomic categories (up to phylum). But many forms have been modified. The change from service level four to five (i.e. the change from version 2.0 to 2.1) is therefore most important. There are some minor problems for users who started with PaleoTax 1.x or who subsequently added personal fields. As long as the fields are all below the "END OF STANDARD" line, PaleoTax can merge the new forms and personal fields. If not, PaleoTax is at present unable to distinguish between public and personal data fields. Also, fields added to your structure which have become part of the standard structure may appear twice in the form. Other fields seem to be disappeared. If any of these problems occur or if you have other problems in carrying out SR5, please contact the author.

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Updated : 12-06-2014.