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Circular May 2006

The new version 2.2 has now almost half a year, and I have not received any comments or complaints. This is a positive signal. But anyway, my critical view has revealed various small problems and errors, which I plan to solve/remove soon. I will not forget to encourage you to send me your wishes or ideas. Often it seems more difficult to realise them as it is.

I have also checked the backlog of past requests, which has still 20 items. These requests are not yet realised for various reasons. See the list below for details. If you miss anything (errors or wishes etc. you reported and which are neither realised nor in the below list) you should report it, if you want, also to the list server (since I am obviously the only person who use it actively).

Numbers are consecutive since their refer to my request table.

(1) Complex queries like "localities of the certain country, of the certain age and, plus yielding a certain taxon".

Complex queries are no problem, but users need to specify their demands.

(2) Multiple access to the DB over a LAN.

See the F.A.Q. on version 2.1.

(3) When adding elements (e.g. Pictures to table) it is possible to select only one item per action. If is it possible to do multiple selections per addition act, say, by pressing Shift or Ctrl buttons?

Is on the top of the list.

(4) The presence of an attached picture explanation or/and note is not obvious in quick (select) mode.

Is on the top of the list.

(5) When one needs to enter into the DB information on citations of different taxa from the same locality published by one author it takes many monotonous steps over and over again. Is it possible for such cases to envisage a "bulk table" where one can enter all needed data into a number of, say, horizontal lines, then press a button and get a series of new consecutive citations?

This problem will partly solved in SR8, where a fourth page 'Last localities' will be attached to the Citations table which includes last 25 selected localities.

(7+8) In Species table, the field "Auth:" allows to record only one author, but there may be more than one. In the Genera table such a field does not exist, and the same problem may occur.

Envisaged for SR8.

(9) Export forms

Export forms are easy to create and I did this also in one case. But the user must specify his/her demands. I obtained from John Alroy also the structure of the PaleoDB, but until nobody ask, I will not take action, since it is much work.

(10+12) Syonymy of genera to be optionally printed in the catalogue/Internet output.

It will be a future option (based on the data recorded in the Genera Synoynmy table) to output a line as "(= genus name, author, year; genus name, author, year)" after the genus name.
A classical list as "Genus name, author, year, page; author, year, page; author, year, page" is not envisaged since genera are defined through their respective type species and not by the opinion of a person.

(11) Improvement on synonyms to a genus- and higher level.

Genus synonymy is realised in SR7; higher levels are at the present moment not considered.

(14) Higher levels (family, order) in the Internet Catalogue.

Will be realised in SR8.

(17) Since ICZN 4th edition (2000), the concept of "nomen protectum" is introduced in Article 23.9 (Reversal of precedence). Differed from the previous Codes, the name of a junior synonym can be protected without any plenary powers by the Commission. It is then a different concept from "suppression" as you prepared in the "citation-table". I wish to use the tag "nomen protectum" in a species-table (or species-synonymy table) to reverse the priority under the program.

See the F.A.Q. on version 2.1.

(19) It is possible to output a record AS IT IS as PDF file ?

PDF will not be a future output format. But a simple text output should be no problem.

(20) Accordance with IRZN Article 51.3.2. (right use of parenthesis).

This is still on the list.

© Hannes Löser, Hermosillo, Sonora, México.
Updated : 12-06-2014.