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Circular December 2008

In January 2009 (probably in the next week), subversion Hdb2Win 2.3 will be published, together with PaleoTax Service Release 10 and PalCol Service Release 4.

Screen resolution of 600x800 pixels will be still supported, but for some forms, two different versions exist, the larger one (768x1024 and higher) is the more updated. Step by step the forms of the tables will be updated to the larger size.

As before, it was not possible to adapt Hdb2Win to Windows Vista.

PaleoTax SR10 and PalCol SR4 come without structural changes, only some improved forms and programs.

In June 2009, probably a small workshop to be held in Barcelona (Spain) will be organized. Persons interested should identify themselves as soon as possible. One subject will be the possibility to use PaleoTax as a tool to revise taxonomically an organism group which requires that the users may define they own meta data attached to units as families, genera or species.

Do not hesitate to contact me in the case of problems or doubts; only with your help the program can be improved. As ever, there is still a backlog of requests, which will be realized step by step.

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