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Circular May 2011

Just now, Hdb2Win 2.3.2 was published, together with PaleoTax Service Release 12. This version comes along with a new installation program which allows installation and un-installation according to Windows conformity. Hdb2Win was tested under Windows 7 and did not present any compatibility problem.

Reviewing the increasing popularity of netbooks presenting extremly small screen sizes, forms have not been updated to the 1024x768 standard. There are still various small screen formats supported by Hdb2Win. PaleoTax SR12 comes without structural changes, but various forms, programs and configuration files were improved. Spanish language support was amended, even if not yet finished. It is important to see the documentation on the update because there are some changes in directory managament, font sizes, options etc.

Summer 2011 will be again a chance for workshops or meetings in Austria and Germany. Persons interested should identify themselves as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact me in the case of problems or doubts; only with your help the program can be improved. No requests, no modifications.

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