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Information on HDB2Win

Hdb2Win is the database kernel for the PaleoTax application. It consists of a very small database engine which can process high amount of data in short times. On the database lay various applications.

  1. The command line
    The command line is a primitive but rapid tool to create and modify tables, append, search and modify records.
  2. The interpreter
    The interpreter is a compreter (e.g. the source code is translated in a code more closer to the kernel) which is used for everything what is a little bit more complex and cannot solved by the batch programs which offers the command line.
  3. PaleoTax
    PaleoTax is the name of an application platform which is not bound to any data structure. PaleoTax sensu stricto is only one application, PalCol is another. The application does not know anything about the data it is processing. Tables, data fields and functionality is controlled by the tables and by some configuration files.

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